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Today we at  MasterProgramming  will leave some tips on the best programming languages ​​to program as well to learn more before that we need to know what are the high level programming language .

Visual Basic is a programming language produced by the Microsoft company, and is an integral part of the Microsoft Visual Studio package. Its latest version is part of the Visual Studio .NET package, aimed at .Net applications. Its previous version was part of Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0, still widely used by legacy applications. 
An improved BASIC, language is event driven, and it also has a fully integrated IDE (Integrated Development Environment), making it much easier to build the GUI (Graphical User Interface). The Visual Basic name is Derived from:

Basic – the programming language

Visual – Package Name

EX: Visual Studio (Visual C ++, Visual C #, Visual Basic .NET)

Visual Basic was widely used in enterprise environments: a 2005 survey indicated that 62% of programmers used a Visual Basic form, followed by C ++, JavaScript, C #, and Java. Currently it has been supplanted by Java

There are several derived languages, among which:

VBScript is the default (default) language for Active Server Pages and can be used in Windows scripting and Internet pages.

Visual Basic .NET is the new version of Visual Basic, which is an integral part of the Microsoft .NET platform. This version is not fully compatible with previous versions, but it is possible to convert old code, which after a revision can be used in Visual Basic .NET. For comparison purposes, this language uses the Object Orientation paradigm and you will find much resemblance to Java.

Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) enables the creation of macros, and is integrated into all products in the Microsoft Office family of products, as well as other third-party products such as Visio (now owned by Microsoft) and WordPerfect Office 2002.


Since 2002 (the first version of the .Net platform) the Visual Basic language has changed in many ways gaining many resources previously used in other languages ​​like Java and C ++ (inheritance, polymorphism, etc.), but it continued with the same syntax, but by Object-oriented functions and methods have been encapsulated in namespaces and classes.

Other major improvements with the .Net platform that strengthened the language was the possibility of programming for WEB (ASP.Net), mobile devices, Windows Forms and more recently Silverlight. Its data access, which has always been a key feature, has been enhanced with ADO.Net (XML-based) allows disconnected access to the database. With the release of Visual Basic 2008, XAML and its graphic design debuted with new features.

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