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Learning Java (programming language)

Hi Everyone from Master Programming Today Let’s Learn a little more about the JAVA programming language but personal attention  not to confuse with JavaScript.  Java was developed in  the 1990s  by a team of programmers headed by James Gosling at Sun Microsystems . Unlike conventional programming languages, which are compiled into native code, the Java language is compiled into a bytecode that …

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Learning Pascal / Object Pascal (programming language)

Hello Master Programming Staff  Today Let’s learn a little more about the Pascal Programming Languageor Object Pascal this  programming language is  very good for creating programs and applications. The Object Pascal was established in 1970 by the Swiss Niklaus Wirth , keeping in mind to encourage the use of structured code. Niklaus Wirth himself says that the Pascal language was created simultaneously to teach structured programming and to be used in his software factory. At …