What is the difference between Xampp, Wamp, EasyPHP, Wamp and PHP?

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Hello everyone, today, in Masterprogramming, let’s explain what is the difference between apache and what is the best.

Many find that there are differences between wamp, xampp and php, which are “distinct”

What are ready-made packages

Wamp, zwamp, xampp and easyphp are not “servers” are installation packages with a series of programs that include:

  • Apache (HTTP server)
  • Mysql (database server that runs on a separate port and only ships with it but is not connected directly)
  • Php (dynamic language that will run next to the HTTP server by apache2handler or fastcgi)

So they are packages that pre-install apache, mysql and php and usually come with a dashboard for Desktop that controls all 3, some of them install more than php, apache and mysql.

Differences between wamp, zwamp, xampp and easyphp

  • The wamp is only for Windows and installation comes with PHP, Apache, mysql, phpmyadmin and has packages for versions of x86 and x64 processors.(Extra: A version of it supports PHP5.6 and PHP7, being able to toggle)
  • The zwamp (seems to be discontinued), accompanying Apache, MySQL, PHP, MiniPerl, MongoDB, XCache, Adminer (similar to phpmyadmin) and PHP MongoDB (similar to phpmyadmin but for mongodb), it is only for windows and has packages for versions of X86 and x64 processors
  • Xampp supports Windows, Mac OSX, Linux distros, Solaris, accompanies PHP, mysql, Apache, mariadb (or mysql), perl, phpmyadmin and a host of other programs and has packages for x86 and x64 processor versions varying depending on the operating system.(Extra: A version of it supports PHP7)
  • EasyPHP, even the name already says if we translate, would be something like easy php , or better php uncomplicated ! It has the following packages PHP, Apache, MySQL, Nginx (alternative to apache, can switch between both), PhpMyAdmin, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Python, Ruby and only runs on Windows, has packages for x86 and x64 processor versions.(Extra: A version of it supports PHP7 and may also be interesting for those who want to install Ruby on Windows, since manual installation is sometimes complicated)

Wamp, zwamp, xampp and easyphp are php.net official?

PHP is a program that interprets php scripts (the extension can be customized) by both web servers and by command line or CGI port, not wamp, zwamp, xampp and easyphp are not official php, you can actually download Php, mysql and apache separately and create your own package or server. Wamp, zwamp, xampp, and easyphp are nothing more than “installation facilitators” that usually contain a control panel to facilitate as well and are maintained by different people.

Note that on linux systems like Ubuntu and Debian you do not need to install Xampp, you can simply use apt-getit and it will download from the repositories. So wamp, zwamp, xampp, easyphp and installation by repositories are nothing more than installation packages that sometimes come accompanied by some extra tools, everything to facilitate only.

Is PHP a server?

PHP is an interpreter of “php scripts”, however from PHP5.4 it can be used as a standalone server, but not for production, but only for the development environment, making Apache “unnecessary” In some cases and it can work with Built-in web , type in cmd:

cd C:\User\Usuario\Documents\projeto1
php -S localhost:8000

Or terminal:

cd ~/projeto1
php -S localhost:8000

And then in the browser you go http://localhost:8000, you have a development server downloading only PHP without having to install anything else, of course if you need mysql for example you will need to download, but you can download both in isolation and install:

1: http://php.net/downloads.php

2: https://www.mysql.com/downloads/

However using .htaccesswith it will not work, although it is possible to simulate it with the php “router”. The main foundation of PHP is to run PHP scripts.

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